Training and education

Sharing Knowledge That saves lives

Growing Awareness among local populations

The lack of accurate information about health and healthy habits often constitutes a severe threat to public health. We develop education programs that every one of our patient access while they wait to see a medical or dental professional at one of our clinics. 

Education includes hygiene basics such as how to wash hands to prevent spreading germs, how to stretch to relax tensed muscles, and critical information about common diseases prevention, screening, and treatments.

Diabetes Education

Develop awareness and understanding of diabetes, how to live with diabetes, and how healthy eating can reduce risks.


Create awareness around the dangers of high blood pressure and importance of regular screenings. Educate on ways to reduce blood pressure and reduce risks of heart attack and stroke.

Oral Health Education

We distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste, demonstrate effective tooth brushing, and communicate the benefits of professional cleaning.

Menstrual Hygene and cervical cancer

Inform women about cervical cancer and treatment.

Continuous training for local practitioners

In underserved areas, medical professionals often see patients with a wide variety of conditions and have to treat them with limited access to specialists or resources.

By deepening their knowledge in the areas that their skills are most needed, local healthcare professionals we support are becoming a true force of change in their communities.

Bed-side Education

During clinical outreaches, all health workers are eligible to participate in high intensity bed-side education similar to training received by medical doctors.

Structured Grand Rounds

With some of our partners, we develop structured grand rounds that include a full curriculum, lectures, and handouts.

Point-Of-Care Ultrasound

Point-of-Care ultrasound training helps correctly diagnose illnesses, reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics, and drives more women to seek prenatal care.

Focused Training Programs

Ongoing training programs developed with our partners to enable mid-level medical professionals to diagnose and treat common conditions like cervical cancer autonomously.
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Obstetric Training in Kenya

Dr Geoffrey Anguyo

There is such a massive shortage of health workers, medical doctors, clinical officers, nurses, and midwives. So it is crucial to provide more education to those who are coming to the field with us and to students who are seeking training so that in the future we have more health workers.

Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo

Founder of KIHEFO Uganda

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