Health Care Should Be A Right We All Share

Bring Care to someone in need

Your Donation Goes a long way!

On Site Care

$10 – X-ray scan for one BTH patient.

$20 – Comprehensive healthcare for one patient.

$50 : Dental hygiene cleaning for 5 patients.

$80 : Dental filling for 10 patients.

$100: CT scan for one patient.

$ 200: Comprehensive medical, dental, antenatal, and/or optical care, lab testing, cancer screening, health education, and, medications for 10 patients 

$600 : Extraction of painful rotten teeth for 100 patients.  


$100 –  Training for one local healthcare worker to learn to conduct cervical cancer screening.

$4,000 – Sponsorship for one local clinical officer (a mid-level provider similar to a physician assistant) to attend medical school for 1 year to eventually obtain an MD. Doctors are scarce in the rural areas we work in, so our host communities hugely benefit from new doctors.

$22,000 – Sponsorship for one local clinical officer to attend medical school for 5 year to obtain an MD. 

Sustainable healthcare

Medical Material

$280 – Ten portable medical examination tables for use during our rural outreach clinics. We need these tables to have consultations with our patients, and to provide them with a safe and secure place to lay down for a physical examination.

$340 – Twenty stools. We typically set up in primary schools. Resources are scarce in these schools — these stools provide a place for our volunteers, the local healthcare providers with whom we work, and the hundreds of patients who arrive for care to sit.

$700 – Ten portable dental examination tables for use during our rural outreach clinics.

$1400 – Large-volume order of insecticide-treated bed nets. Sleeping under bed nets helps our patients to prevent the mosquito bites that lead to malaria, which is a curable disease, yet causes huge mortalities at our program sites.