Adam Teitelman

AdaM Teitlelman

COO and Co-Founder

Adam Teitelman is the CoFounder, Vice Chair and COO of Bridge To Health USA. His passion for global health has brought him to places all over the world to help people increase their access and knowledge of healthcare.  


Adam is also the Regional Vice President of a digital health company in Obstetrics and remote patient monitoring.  He has advised many private healthcare startups and has been influential those startups raising between 500k – 5mm in funding as well as consulted directly for CEOs of high growth companies in the human resource space. He has worked with some of the most prominent health systems and health insurance companies in the world. 


Adam also holds a Masters Degree in International Human Resource Management from Georgetown University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Psychology from Towson University.  He has published research in psychology in a few journals 

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